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Suzanne Heynz


At first beautiful in their sensual fragility, each smooth cast liquid plastic piece reminisces on delicate floral forms belying a whispered macabre; anatomical casts of parts of the artist's body growing, reaching, in submergence.

Duplicate in blooming towards freedom or twisting to near decay, encased and presented for display.

A moment of exhalation frozen in time.

Another reason to cut off an ear.

As one of South Africa’s foremost conceptual fashion designer’s, Suzaan Heyns’ unique point of view consistently pushed the boundaries of design principles within fashion, extending boldly into wearable sculpture.

Widely known for her unexpected collaborations across various disciplines, her work has garnered various awards, including the Innovation Award at the 16th Annual Business Day BASA Awards (2012) for her ‘Re-imagine Concrete’ Collection with PPC Cement.

With a fundamentally art-based approach remaining key to Heyns’ work, her previous fashion shows constantly disregarded prescribed formats, venturing rather into the realms of live installations and conceptual performances.

‘Nastergal’, her debut foray into fine sculpture represents a natural extension of her core creative practice.

Suzaan Heyns was born in Johannesburg where she still resides.