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Shany Van Den Berg +
Sarlee Van Den Berg


Sarlee van den Berg is the youngest of four children and lived in a home where creativity and exposure to art was encouraged by her mother, an acclaimed artist.

In 2009 she acquired an Honors degree from the African Film and Drama Academy for Live Performance and worked in the film industry for six years.

She currently resides in Stellenbosch with her 7yr old daughter, where she works from her home studio as a artist, illustrator and performer.

She chooses her medium depending on which story she wants to tell.

These mediums include, painting with black ink on paper - simplistic lines forming silhouettes of the female body.

Her use of Pointillism, fine ink drawings of botanicals, found objects and people and collage create abstract images directed by colour and composition.

Sarlee recently finished illustrating a children’s book, using collage, ink and water colours and will launch in October 2019. She has also taken part in three group exhibitions and enjoys commission work such as logo design and drawing. She is further working on a concept exploring human connection and suppression of emotion, drawing her subjects using blind contour drawing.

Sarlee van den Berg’s work derives from her experiences in the world around her, thus creating artworks that tell a story and evoke an emotion, somewhat dreamlike to the viewer. Themes of love and heartache, motherhood and womanhood, purpose and spirituality and what it means to be an artist in her own right.