Mountain Landscape Mirrored.JPG

Johann Booyens


Johann Booyens is a fulltime artist and printmaker working and living in Somerset West. Formally educated in design, his love for paper as message carrier is evident. He holds a Masters in design (Cum Laude) with specialisation in printmaking and has exhibited extensively locally and abroad. He has been finalist in several prestigious international and local competitions. His work is part of several print portfolios and various private collections.

 ‘Aristotle claimed that the aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance. Both these opposites attract me.

 My work is concerned with the increasingly complex relationship we as humans have with our natural environment. As we exploit the natural in favour of the built environment, one would think our understanding of systems found in nature are deepened. I observe the opposite. Whilst we mine, excavate, farm and fish, nature needs to increasingly yield to our expectations. We need now, more than ever to re-establish a profound collective ontology to honour, respect and live with nature. We need to observe and learn from natural systems if we are to successfully feed, clothe and house near 10 billion people.’