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Izanne Wiid



uprooted – verb: past tense:

1. pull (out of the ground), pull up, root out, rip out/up, tear up

2. move (someone) from their home or a familiar location

core –  in the late 14th century, the noun core came from the Old French Coeur, meaning literally ‘heart’

the part of something central to its existence or character 

a basic, essential, or enduring part

slice – noun: a thin piece, segment, chunk, wedge,
cut from a larger core
verb: cut, cut up, carve, divide, section

process: collecting birds which died of unnatural causes


              lost wax process

Coeur / sliced / rip out/up / uprooted / discontinued





‘colar’ - (transitive) to leave, go away, depart

hangman’s knot - the hangman’s knot or a noose (also known as a collar during the Elizabethan era) is a well-known knot most associated with its use in hanging a person as a form of capital punishment. 

but also used outside the official judiciary by those who mete out discipline imposed by extralegal courts to punish the ‘era,’.sjambok – ‘sambok’ in Afrikaans, originally made from Rhinoceros hide, an effective weapon used traditionally as a means of self-defense, to exert control over animals or other people, through pain compliance or fear of pain. In South Africa, it is sometimes seen as synonymous with the apartheid sondebok

dildo –  a sex toy, often explicitly phallic in appearance, intended for sexual penetration or rather sexual activity during masturbation, or sexual activity with sex partners.

gemsbok horn – Gemsbok are widely hunted for their spectacular horns, used primarily to defend themselves or their offspring from predators.

gemsbok/gemsbuck (oryx gazelle)-horn morphed into a sjambok-dildo