Remove My Eyes.jpg

Helo Samo


‘I am a mixed media artist using various disciplines from illustration, installation, animation, sound, film and photography to portray the relation between dreams, human behaviour, nature and different states of consciousness. 

As an artist, I work towards developing illustrations that represent the chaotic nature of modern society in relation to social engineering, that I believe is being used as a tool for spiritual / mental warfare that dissociates all causes of societal pain from our everyday actions. I’m drawn to this topic through recognising the link between it and the immense pain most of society carries. My aim is to expose these concepts to as many people as possible in aid of addressing the origin of the pain in order to heal.

Part of my process of illustrating is to observe society and its connection to empathy (or lack of) with a focus on the roll of media & advertising. I begin with drawing the initial forms with my eyes closed to depict the objects in what I consider to be the most honest depiction of my imagined thought. I work with black ink & pen straight onto paper, focusing on line quality and space. I use this medium to place permanence and intention into each mark while embracing the notion that there are no wrong marks. The minimalistic use of mediums helps me try to convey the philosophy of not needing that much to survive; yet we live in excess to the detriment of others. The use of layering with lines represents the noise we all deal with, making it complicated to truly see things for what they are. Within every illustration I try to instil my honest view of a world suffering deep pain and in turn hopefully we can remove the root because we know where it lives.’

Helo Samo is a self-taught illustrator. Prompted by a youth based solely on his obsession with cartoons, he went on to study graphic design and later animation for film and television focusing on stop motion animation, set design and building as well as puppet design and building.