Past Exhibitions



23 March to 3 May 2019

The questioning of personal origin or place is often a process of filtering desired ‘truths’ amidst the fictions that abound in it’s retelling. Particularly when searching within a volatile and uncertain past or present. Histories are made. Imagined. Bloodlines claimed. 


9 Feb to 1 March 2019

Tropika explores the idea of what may often, on the surface, appear idyllic elements in the image, but continues Rossouw’s key process of direct personal dialogue with his subjects, the sense of self in strange surroundings.


9 Feb to 1 March 2019

At first beautiful in their sensual fragility, each smooth cast liquid plastic piece reminisces on delicate floral forms belying a whispered macabre; anatomical casts of parts of the artist's body growing, reaching, in submergence.